Tema Shipyard has two (2) graving docks of 100,000 dwt and 10,000 dwt capacity, respectively and a 150-tonne capacity slipway (Refer to diagram below).

Tema Shipyard Core Services

❶       Ship repair and dry-docking

❷       Heavy Steel Engineering and Fabrication

❸       Ship Building

Presently, the facility provides only ship repair and dry-docking services which include dry-docking, steel fabrication, general engineering, metalwork repairs and non-destructive testing. The facility also has Fitting Out Quays – (FOQ Utility and FOQ Repair) which provide space for ship owners to moor and perform their own (wet/floating) repairs and maintenance. Occasionally, the shipyard performs wet/ floating ship repairs at the FOQ.  The Slipway provides work space for local fishing vessels. Other services include water/air supply, crane services, cleaning, bunkering services, gas inspection and light engineering.

With regarding to shipbuilding business, the shipyard has in the past performed some limited service. Vessels built between 1973 and 1979 are outlined below:

  • GRAINS MAID for the Bank of Ghana.
  • 8 barges for the Black Star Line lighterage services at Takoradi Port
  • Large diameter steel pipes for the salt industry at Ada and steel refuse containers in the country.

Today, new building potentials to be explored include PSV’s, OSV’s, Port Tugs, etc.

Demand For Shipyard and Drydock Services

Demand for Shipyard services (ship repairs and dry-docking, heavy steel fabrication and shipbuilding) has been boosted mainly by increasing upstream activities in oil and gas and merchandise, worldwide. Greater demand for oil by the US and the growing economies of the Far East as well as the discovery of oil in various parts of Africa have facilitated a largely upward trend in the demand for shipyard services. Besides, the increasing level of international sea-borne trade to Africa has also increased vessel movements to the region and to Ghana.