Aker Energy Ghana Limited has over the past few months been engaging the Transport and Energy Ministries on matters relating to The Tema Shipyard.To this effect, a delegation from Aker Energy visited the Shipyard this week to understand its business operations and future outlook.

The Chief Executive Officer of Aker Energy led the delegation, Mr. Jan Arve Haugan, with the purpose to familiarize with the Shipyard Management, layout, facilities and plan of the Yard.

According to Mr. Jan Arve Haugan, Aker Energy has been in the oil and gas industry for a while, which has equipped them with adequate knowledge in shipyards and their management.

He further stated that the Tema Shipyard, as they have assessed, has a lot of Potential. However, the facility needs to be revamped and the workers further trained to yield their best returns.

In response to a question on whether Aker Energy has been awarded the contract to revamp and manage the Shipyard, it was made clear that there is no formal documentation yet.

However, the visits and level of interest being expressed by both the government of Ghana and Aker Energy are indications of commitments to expedite and finalize the process as soon as possible.

The Chief Executive Officer of Tema Shipyard, Capt. Francis K .B. Micah, expressed gratitude to the CEO of Aker Energy and his team for their visit.


The next step is to form a ‘Task Force’ made up of members from the Tema Shipyard and Aker Energy, to prepare and present a Business Plan that will be mutually beneficial to both organizations.